What is the Purpose of a Box Spring

Although sales are lower each year due to increasing sales of alterntive options that do not require a box spring sleepers should know and understand the purpose of this aspect of a bed.

The purposes of a box spring are to raise the bed to a comfortable height, absorb shock and impact during sleep, provide a firm surface to evenly distribute the weight of the mattress and sleepers, and increase the lifespan.

Purpose of Box Spring

A good and comfortable night’s rest is one of the most emphasized points in living a healthy life and having a very productive day. In lieu of this, it should be noted that having the best elements that would promote good and comfortable sleep—the right mattress, sheets, and box springs, would grant your health a boost.

A mattress placed on the ground or on just any bed wood would not help it absorb shock and with time, would lose its shape and sturdiness. Why would anyone do this, to lose comfort and begin to develop body pains from sleeping on it?

Box springs are not only built to be aesthetically pleasing, but it raises the mattress off the ground and provides lasting support and a shock-absorbing system that will keep the bed intact in shape for years to come.                 

A box spring is basically a foundation that has three primary purposes:

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1. Raise the Bed to a Comfortable Height

A lot of people prefer to climb in and out of bed with ease; hence, the need to raise the bed surface. A box spring maintains a standard height that helps everyone have a better view of the room and also helps to lift the bed to a better position that would be perfect enough to receive natural breeze from the windows. Also, lots of people prefer to sit in bed and watch TV, and it sucks to have to raise your head for a better view of the TV screen. A box spring also keeps the bed off the floor and helps to meet the warranty requirements. Most manufacturers propose that the mattress should be appropriately supported and many times, specify a proper foundation, such as a box spring, be used.

2. Absorb Shock and Impact

Box springs are also used to absorb shock from the mattress.  Depending on its usage, a mattress that is mounted on the ground would constantly be on the receiving end of a lot of impacts from various shifts in body weight. Without a box spring, dispersing the shock becomes impossible. Over time, it would succumb to compression that could make some parts of the bed softer and generally make its surface uneven, consequently leading to a lot of discomforts during sleep. 

3. Provide a firm surface for your mattress

Box springs provide a strong, flat, firm, and gap-free foundation for the mattress. They also evenly distribute body and mattress weight over the surface of the box spring, reducing sags, gaps, and uneven wearing of the much more expensive model.

4. Increase the lifespan of your mattress

Box springs create space between the mattress and the floor for increased airflow with the sewing and stitching designs in the upholstery on the top face. This reduces the likelihood of mold growth, a common issue.

They also distribute the weight of the sleepers to prevent excessive wear in high impact and weight areas. This extends the life of the coils, springs, and foam.

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