Recommended Box Spring

US Box Spring

I have finally found a strong box spring made of wood that I am confident in recommending. It is made with strong spruce from the US northwest and these strong box springs are made and shipped from Arizona.

The company, US Box Spring, only makes only one model. And since they have been building this super-strong box spring since 2007 they are really got it figured out.

Wood Foundation

Supports 1,500 lbs and it looks like it could easily handle more. Most companies that claim big capacity numbers have bed frames and box springs that look like the self-rating should be closer to 500 lbs.

They have been building sleep products since 1976, which is before many CEOs of bed-in-a-box company’s were born!

They make the assembly very easy with a video, instructions, and use of wing nuts.

The cover is removable for easy cleaning and it is made with an organic cover and quilted sides.

It has a 10 year warranty, which is great for a box spring.

If you are looking for a quality strong box spring to last the rest of your life you should check it out on their website here.