Is the Zinus Shawn Bed Frame Right for Me?

I researched this model and I see that it is the top-selling model on Amazon, but should it be? I share my thoughts below and I spent a couple of days researching the Internet for unbiased information to add to my experiene to come to a conclusion.

Zinus Shawn bed frame is right for you if you need a platform foundation with metal stats for a mattress without a box spring. Good for people with limited construction skills as it unfolds and no tools required. It fits small budgets and shipping is free with most stores.

My Opinion and Experience

I had purchased this Queen size frame and used a memory foam mattress and the combination was the most comfortable I had ever slept on.

But I rented the house out shortly after and the tenant stole everything right down to the light bulbs.

So I did not get to check the quality after a year as there seem to be many people saying the frame develops squeaks after about a year. The initial quality is top-notch and it is very easy to assemble if you even want to call it assembly.

If you use a memory foam mattress it may be better to consider the model with a mesh grid as it has smaller holes.

Under-bed storage is awesome for large containers to fill full of off-season clothes and Christmas items (better than crawling around the attic!).

Zinus Shawn Review, Questions, and Answers

CommentImportant Questions and Answers
How noisy?I did not notice any squeaking and I weigh 200 lbs. I never got a chance to test it with more than one person so I cannot say that it would be squeak free to two adults “wrestling”.

I have read a few reviews where the owners had been using it for more than one year and a few said that it developed some squeaks. Others noted that they fixed the squeaks by tightening the nuts and bolts.

Sometimes the feet will squeak on a floor with a hard surface that is not perfectly level. Simply purchase anti-slip furniture pads at your local hardware store.
Compatible with a with a headboard?A headboard is attached using the optional Sleep Master Headboard Bracket. They sell for about $8.33 here at amazon.
Will the mattress stay in place or slide aroundI know from use that a memory foam mattress will behave and stay put. I do see others complaining about theirs sliding around on the frame and this is more of an issue with firmer ones.

One solution is to purchase double-sided tape from the local hardware store and apply it to the cross braces and along the perimeter.

But be careful to only apply the tape to the top of the perimeter rails unless you want your calves and shins to stick to it.

Another solution for this problem is to tie a rope around the mattress and through the frame and the foot and the head.

Pillows will cover the rope at the top and unless you are 6’4″ your feet won’t touch the rope at the foot of the foundation.
What mattress types does this work best with?Many companies recommend gaps of no more than 3″, and this one is not a grid, but rather long slats with gaps larger than 3″.

Most people using this platform frame and foam mattress combination are happy with the performance.

Important Review Notes
A fellow Caunck cracked me up about how challenging the assembly wasThis is how most furniture in Canada eventually gets assembled by men:

1. Purchase a case (12) of beer on way home from work
2. Receive the package and offer the delivery guy or gal a beer
3. Drink a beer Take package to bedroom
4. Take toolbox full of wrenches and screwdrivers to the bedroom
5. Drink a beer
6. Open package
7. Throw instructions and cardboard out of the bedroom
8. Open all the plastic bags and spill the nuts, bolts, washers, attachy thingys and everything else onto the floor in a neat pile (don’t want to lose any)
9. Identify which tools are needed
10. Drink a beer
11. Yell at the wife because she keeps telling you to read the instructions
12. Start assembling the way it SHOULD be assembled regardless of the wife yelling you are starting with step 8!
13. I think you can guess the rest

But with this foundation, there are no tools required and only a few wing nuts to screw together and it is done. Marriage counseling avoided… for another week.
Wear hockey shin pads and steel toe bootsMany people smash their toes and shins on the legs while walking to and around the bed. Especially when making it up. The solution, add foam to all the legs. Pool noodles work great and are super cheap.
Good enough with some notable issuesIf the mattress is thin and the user is 200 lbs+ it may not be comfortable as the sleeper may feel the thin metal stats through it. One simple solution is to purchase a sheet of plywood and place it on top of the foundation.

I would recommend at a minimum 1/2″ plywood and 3/4″ is by far the best to reduce the likelihood of sagging. Do not use OSB as it can pick your mattress to pieces and scratch the crap out of your legs and arms if the wood slides out.

Which brings up a good point. The plywood should be fastened to the frame using countersunk bolts on top of the plywood and bolts and washers to attached under the frame.
Weight limit?For people about 275+ lbs this may not be the best long term solution for sleeping requirements. Several people in this weight category have reports sagging frame and slats and even broken slats in the area where this sit to get in and out of the bed.

If a person owns or is considering purchasing, this model, and weights 275+ lbs I would recommend adding a sheet of 5/8″+ plywood (not OSB) to the top to spread the weight out.

Make sure the plywood rests on the frame and not only on the slats and fasten it securely so that it stays in place for safety and effectiveness. I
MobilitySome users express displeasure when attempting to move this foundation when cleaning the floors. There are two frames fastened together for size queen and larger and this can buckle a little if the left or right side is lifted straight up. I can also cause damage to the bolts and also for them to loosen.

A better and less damaging method is to slide it on the floor. This is easier on the carpet, but if you have a hard surface floor there are felt furniture pads that can be installed under the rubber feet.

Of course, the rubber feet help to keep it from sliding around so you will have to experiment to see what works best for your situation.
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Zinus Shawn Details

ModelShawn 14 Inch SmartBase Mattress Foundation
TypeMetal Platform
Box Spring RequiredNo
Castors (wheels on legs)No
Headboard BracketsOptional
Assembly RequiredMinimal
Tools RequiredNo
Warranty5 Years

Frame Price Comparison

Narrow Twin19.4


Twin XL20.3
Cal King38.8118.00
Pricing as of May 9, 2020

Rating Comparison

Star Rating4.

The Zinus Shawn bed frame is one of many made in China and sold in the USA and Canada for a low price. It is decent for most people looking for a budget bed frame for their box spring or hybrid.

I would think twice about using a foam model on this platform foundation unless you place a piece of 3/4″ plywood on the platform.

TIP: If you do this it is a good idea to drill ventilation holes in the plywood to increase ventilation to reduce the likelihood of mold growth.


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I spend my days doing research, performance testing, and materials analysis and reporting my experience and test results to help people make decisions before purchasing expensive furniture.

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