Captain King Platform: Perfect for Bed Storage

We all have a lot of crap that we need to store somewhere. There is a multi-billion business selling storage space for a crazy amount of money each month.

And manufacturing and selling super fantastic shelves, closet organizers, garage organizers, etc. Soon there will be college classes on how to store the crap we rarely use.

Captain king platform bed storage is a perfect option to store a lot of items. This can save money by not needing to buy expensive organizers or ugly cheap plastic tubs stacked to the ceiling. Below are many reasons why this is the best bed option for storage.

Captain King Platform

A king size with storage is a popular solution for:

  • large master bedrooms when a simple king would look small and out of sync with the room.
  • Guest rooms are often unoccupied and mostly used for storage. Well, you may as well store items underneath and out of sight rather than stacking boxes to the ceiling (especially when one of your children’s family call and say they are coming for the weekend… and this is Thursday night!

    With storage underneath, most of the bedroom should be empty, or at least much more manageable on short notice (or even with long notice, who wants to do a major shuffle of stored items that will no doubt end up in your bedroom.
  • The cottage where space is limited but you need almost as much stuff as at home. And who wants to pack the entire house for weekend getaways? Maximize storage underneath for extra blankets, pillows, linen, towels, out-of-season clothing, etc.
  • The kid’s bedrooms where there is a dump truck size load of toys piled in corners, on shelves, in clothes, in the middle of the floor along with the dirty clothes. The children can use the storage areas underneath as a large toy box.
  • Multi-use bedrooms where the wife has a sewing station and the hubby has an office desk. Likely neither has been used in the past year but that setup is going to remain, right? So there is no room for sewing supplies and reams of paper unless you share storage underneath.
  • More than one child per room. This is less common these days as people are buying five-bedroom houses with dens, dining rooms, AV rooms, games room, bar, etc.

    But some families are still double stacking children in one room and this requires as much storage as possible.
  • Games of hide and seek! When I was a young fella my mom hid me in the oven and nobody found me. I would have preferred a secret hiding place within my bed.

This style is the best for storage and has many features including several storage drawers below the mattress for storing things and it provides you a modern, attractive and fashionable style headboard with a lot of space for placing your daily use items then choose one that has a bookcase in the headboard.

ImageTitlePriceCheck $
Product Image Top TopStorkCraft Marco Island Captain's Bed with Trundle and Drawers - Twin (Gray)Check $
Product Image Top TopPrepac Captain's Platform Storage Bed with 6 Drawers, Twin, BlackCheck $
Product Image Top TopDHP Cambridge Upholstered Faux Leather Platform Bed with Wooden Slat Support and Under Bed Storage, Button Tufted Headboard Queen Size - BlackCheck $
Product Image Top TopPrepac Full Mate's Platform Storage Bed with 6 Drawers, BlackCheck $
Product Image Top TopNovogratz Kelly Upholstered Bed with Storage, Ivory Linen, FullCheck $
Product Image Top TopHillsdale Furniture Hillsdale Charlie Captains Bed with One Storage Unit, Twin GrayCheck $
Prices pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on:

Items can be stored on the headboard include:

  • lamp
  • clock radio (do they still make these?)
  • cell phone
  • headphones or earbuds
  • laptop
  • speakers
  • books and magazines
  • toys
  • pictures of the girl/boyfriend or husband/wife/pets etc.
  • comb, brush, toiletries

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Why Captain King Platform is Best

A Captain king platform bed is the best option when you are dealing with a small room due to its size.

Captain king gives a stylish look to the room along with the benefit of providing more storage space in a small room.

This style will give your room a clean, modern, stylish, updated look that works well in providing a better look or design to the overall room.

If you want your bedroom to look elegant, fashionable, and contemporary, modish this is a good option.

From sheets and blankets to clothes and shoes, you have plenty of stuff in your bedroom but not that much space to store it.

We have options to fit spaces of all sizes including twin, full, and queen and king size storage designs. You’ll never have to vacuum under the bed again.

two storage drawers

King Size Captain with Bookcase Headboard

Bookcase king-size Captains Bed with 6 drawer storage is best to store the important things that are important for you in your room. The bookcase Captains provides a lot of space for placing books as well, utilizing little space. It provides shelves to store books, magazines, remotes, and more.

These bookshelves can be on any side like underneath or in the headboard. You can also get cubby storage like a unit with one drawer with a large space and bookshelves on the headboard for your kids. boxing.

Combine a bookcase headboard with storage underneath and you get the most from your floor space. Add a four-drawer unit under both sides of a bookcase so you don’t need any furniture in your room. For your children, the same bed can have drawers and sleepovers.

Storage in King Captain Platform Frame

We can thank the shipbuilders of years past for this awesome design. Ship captains needed storage in their rooms as it doubled as a meeting place for officers (Captain “Excuse me gentlemen while I remove my tighty whities from the desk before we start” wouldn’t be a great way to start a meeting)

It provides plenty of storage space for various items like off-season dresses, stationery, extra sheets, blankets. While others have empty space under while these have drawers other storage container or dedicated space underneath where the mattress usually is located.

Plenty of storage with multiple drawers depends upon your choice of a number of things such as books and toys for your children. It also provides space to keep the clothes that are out of season and other miscellaneous things that are not often used.

Another option is the platform and mattress on hinges so one end of the entire bed raises up to a cavernous playpen underneath. Ok, maybe not the safest playpen, but great for toys and larger items like a Christmas tree (no more monkey in the attic each December).

DIY storage bed

Saving Money and Monthly Budget

Saving money with one-time purchases and ongoing monthly payments include:

  • no box spring required, so that saves hundreds of dollars.
  • no need to buy free standing closets or shelving units also saves hundreds of dollars.
  • postpone renting a storage unit you were dreading paying rent for, which saves about $100 per month for the first year, and then when you upgrade to a larger unit (and you will) it will save about $200 each month.

    That is $1,200 and $2,400 each year and $22,800 over ten years. AND if your take-home pay is 70% that means that you have to earn $32,571 dollars to pay for storing crap that is likely not worth $1,000.

    I was paying $241 each month including tax, so I am not full of crap. This is an easy way to save money if you want to retire someday.

TIP: Save on self-storage monthly costs by using captain’s beds. You can pack a lot of junk in these beds and throw out have the garbage in self-storage that you will never use again. Potential savings of $200/month!


For the room decoration or style, we can select any type of captain’s bed according to your choice. You can buy any color of captain bed according to your room color and curtains. Darker colors of your room go well with a light color bed and vice versa.

Similarly, if your room is smaller and dark in color of the captain bed will make it feel smaller so the light color will go best. If you have multi-color room décor than go with the white as it is a neutral color.

Similarly, the bed for the children’s room should be colorful to attract them and for the young ones, you can select according to your favorite color choice.

wood joists for bed

Characteristics of Captain King Size

  • Better for standard King size mattresses.
  • Best for people with small bedrooms or a large family.
  • Need less space to adjust to the house due to its size.
  • Many drawers with metal slides.
  • Finger pulls or handles from the bottom of each drawer front for easy opening.
  • Wood slats are positioned lengthwise so that the body weight is evenly distributed to ensure a good night’s sleep.
  • Finished in durable, long-lasting, and strong wood structure.
  • Made from non-toxic laminated composite woods.
  • Easy to Assemble.

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