Are Bed Frames Height Adjustable–Yes! Fix in Minutes

Bed frames have few height adjustment options straight out of the box, but there are simple ways to adjust your bed frame for increased comfort and utility. There are many free and paid options to meet the needs of anyone requiring fine-tuning of one of the most important items in your house.

Bed frames are height adjustable with either built-in adjustable legs or with paid and free DIY options. Solutions include building up the platform foundation, converting box spring frame to platform foundation, adding legs that adjust, spacers under the legs, removing the legs, and adding spacers

What Do You Do if Your Bed is Too High?

We spend a large percentage of our lives lying on a mattress so it makes sense to be comfortable. Who wants to wake up 365 mornings each year and start their day needing to strap on a parachute to reach the ground.

Or even worse, after a few Saturday sociables inadvertently rolling out and falling Wile E. Coyote style on the valley floor. That can leave bruises.

There are several options available for crafty homeowners with a few tools, time, and patience with each other. Why patience?

Well unless you and your significant other is the same height as you there is likely to be lively discussion about the height of your mattress.

The Non-15 Minute Fix DIY Fix

If your bed is too high and you want to do a cool DIY project because you are bored silly during the COVID-19 pandemic you can build a step/bench one each side. One for you and one for your significant other.

The best thing about this solution is that you can each choose the height of the step/bench thingy that works best for each person.

Add carpet, tile, hardwood, laminate, or vinyl flooring to make this a beautiful piece of furniture that compliments the bedroom decor.

A bonus is that installing a hinge allows for a great storage area for nighttime toys, blankets, pillows, sheets, Blow up Betty, personal protection devices such as condoms and baseball bats, or whatever.

It is your storage space so your storage needs are not my business.

15-Minute Legs Fix:

  • I hate to include this step because if I have to tell you to do this… wow. If your bed frame has casters… wait for it… eureka moment coming… raise the legs and remove the casters. Ta-da! Bob Villa you have nothing on me.
  • Determine how much shorter you want it to be. Enter lively discussion with significant other. If your significant other is Betty I am sure you will win the discussion.
  • Remove the pillows, blankets, mattress, and box spring (if equipped).
  • Move the bed frame away from the wall to allow enough room to work.
  • Remove the legs.
  • Take the legs outside or into the garage (better option if you live in Canada as it may start to snow any day September through May (not usually, but the weather has been horrible this spring!)
  • Measure up the bottom of the posts and mark where to cut. MAKE SURE YOU MEASURE FROM THE BOTTOM. You may need to buy a new bed frame if you measure one from the wrong end.
  • Use a chop, circular, table, reciprocating, hand, buck, chain saw, Ginsu knife, or whatever you have available to cut the bottom ends off of the posts.
  • If you and your significant other cannot come to an agreement on the new bed frame height a revenge option is to cut the posts to your height on your side and his/her height for the other two posts. Compromise is sweet, enjoy your new ski slope box spring and mattress.

60-Minute Metal (angle iron, brass, bronze, etc) Legs Fix:

  • See the first insulting bullet point in the list above.
  • Still here, ok let’s go. Disassemble the posts and take them outside or the garage.
  • Metal requires more than a chainsaw for a little trimming, so use your grinder, hack saw, chop saw with metal blade, or laser cutter to remove the unwanted bottom section of the frame.
  • Use a grinder, file, or child spouse operated sandpaper to remove burrs and smooth the bottom of the post to prevent damage to the floor.

    Feel free to file to a spike to secure the bed to the floor so it doesn’t move around during arduous adventures.
  • Reassemble
  • Place bedpost coasters under each post. These are found at most hardware stores, but there I am sure you have many items around the house that will work and save money.

45-Minute Box Spring Replacement Fix

  • Remove the box spring and save it for a big Saturday night bonfire or the proper recycling pick-up day. Yes, I believe in recycling and saving the environment.

    I worked in the environmental industry for many years. But I also know many of you, some of my friends included, will use the box spring for an excuse to have the boys over for a few pops and a fire.
  • Measure the inside distance between the width of the rails (his side and her side, or his/his, hers/hers, etc).
  • Cut tongue and groove plywood to fit between the frame rails. Use the thickest plywood you can get at the local hardware store with the minimum being 3/4” (20mm).

    A better option is 7/8” (22mm) OSB tongue and groove plywood. It is heavy so bring a friend with you to the hardware store.
  • If the bed frame is more the 48” (120cm) wide the plywood must be installed with the cut end facing the rail side and the groove side against the head or the foot of the frame.
  • Cut the second plywood to length.
  • Cut the second plywood to width NOTE: Measure the plywood from the groove side so that your waste plywood is the tongue side.
  • Place the groove over the tongue of the first plywood and lower it into place. Use a woodblock and a hammer to tap the groove over the tongue of the first plywood as you are lowering it if the fit is tight.
  • OPTION: Use 2” (5cm) x4” (10cm) or 2” (5cm) x 6” (15cm) boards rather than plywood.
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How to Raise Bed Frame

Many people’s lives will be easier if they learn how to raise the bed frame. Really, who wants to wake up every single morning and “jump out of bed” when your knees smash your nose because the floor is almost level with the bottom of the mattress?

Free DIY

  • Got an Ebook reader? Great, use four hardcover books of the same width and place them underneath the legs.
  • Got wood? Use scrap lumber the same as the books above. Not like blocks of wood or books under the feet of the bed frame? Purchase two 2 x 4 x 8′ and place under the left and right sides frame feet.

    Purchase pine boards wide enough to attach to the 2 x 4s and cover the gap between the floor and box spring and mattress.

    Sand the sharp edge so you don’t fillet your legs when getting out of bed the next morning. Stain to match the decor.
  • Use pallets are a higher base for the mattress. Install under platform bed frame if so equipped.

Fancy Solution (ie Money)

  • Purchase castors or adjustable castors from most hardware stores or online.
  • Purchase bed frame height extenders including plastic blocks, steel attachments, and adjustable legs.

Scott Boyd

A semi-retired workaholic in Thailand is a challenge. It is too hot to keep building adobe and earthbag buildings so a new project was needed. I became interested in bed frames after purchasing a bamboo bed frame from a local supplier here and I learned there is little information about them on the Internet. So now I spend my days researching, testing, and reporting my findings to help others while having an occasional beer and istening to 60s and 70s B side rock, blues, and much more.

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