About Me

Hello, this is Scott Boyd and I spend winters, and now the summer thanks to COVID-19, in Thailand. I didn’t want to spend another cold winter in Nova Scotia, Canada so I sold my house and I have spent the winters in the warmth of Thailand since 2018.

You can reach me on Facebook, LinkedIn, or you can email me at sboyd at bed frames plus dot com. I had to delete my phone number off of here due to the number of spam calls I was receiving.

If you have done, or are planning to do, a DIY project related to bed frames, beds, bunk beds, headboards and wish to make $50 for your article and original photos and videos showing the entire construction of your project.

The article will contain your bio line, photo, and link if you wish. Only quality articles equal to or better than mine can be accepted, or with your permission, I will edit the content. Please contact me for more information.

Me taking a break from the laptop 🙂

I had been working on building homes with dirt including adobe and earthbag houses to keep busy and to quench my thirst for knowledge. I am getting tired of moving heavy soil during the hot days so I was looking for a new project. And preferably a project that requires me to lie in a hammock in front of a fan with a cold beer and my laptop.

Scott at a tapped rubber tree. The rubber I am pointing to may end up as natural latex in your next mattress!

I recently purchased a bamboo bed frame from a local manufacturer near my village and it got me interested to learn more. I learned that there is a ton of information on the internet for mattresses, but not bed frames. So I decided to create an authority website on bed frames to provide as much information as possible to anyone considering a new purchase.

new bamboo bed frame and mattress
Ok, I bought the bamboo bed frame and mattress a little early, but I can still sleep on it! This is in the earthbag round house. that still needs mud applied to walls, finish the earth floor, and add a loft for the bed. But it is too hot to do now in Thailand so I spend my days working on this site haha.

This is much more enjoyable than working crazy hours. Healthier too, lower blood press, fresh veggies, and fruit every day, no stress or anxiety.

Say hello to Mee. This is how a smart dog stays cool in Thailand haha. And no, this is not his drinking dish, only his paw pool.

Equally important is the fact that I am not bombarded with interruptions and tasks that make it so hard, for me, to focus on only one project. I have a habit of juggling many projects and tasks and an old friend told me once “you can do many things well, or one thing great”. Very true statement.

Ma, Pa, and Smitty (Ron) sending me love while I am stuck in Thailand

I am getting really bored here in Thailand. I am writing this on June 18, 2020. Writing and researching for this website is filling my time nicely, but I need to add something to my daily routine.

So time to start powerlifting again. I had been training with bamboo barbells and dumbbells and concrete weights. But my new olympic barbell has arrived.

Steel weights are expensive here, and I have a DIY website too so I am going to build the weights with concrete. I am including a video below of me working up to a 435 lb deadlift when I was 48. I was training for six months after about a 20-year layoff haha.

Terrible quality and I never expected anyone other than my Internet coaches to see it, but what the heck I will share with anyone as bored as I am.

Sunday Morning Coffee
Sunday morning coffee while taking a break from renovations on the money pit house.
Evening view from hammock in Thailand
Clear skies and zero rain for five months this past winter… shocking. It rains or snows every other day in NS and very few sunny days
Relaxing after working on bed frames plus website
Awesome smoothies, both veggie and fruit. All farm to blender. Taking a break from digging dirt 🙂

I previously wrote and published a very boring but helpful nonfiction book Make Money Online-Write and Sell EBooks Guide.

Scott Boyd